Mental Health Aware Yoga presents

Yoga for Anxiety WORKSHOP

A free online training for Yoga Teachers with Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher Dr Lauren Tober.

Learn how to more deeply support your yoga students experiencing anxiety in your classes, privates or online sessions.

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What you’ll learn

The Stats

The surprising statistics on mental health and yoga

Defining Anxiety

Signs and symptoms of anxiety from a Western Psychological perspective

The Gunas

What they are, and why you need to know about them to reduce anxiety

Creating Safety

How to create a safe and supportive environment for your students with anxiety

Evidence-based Practices

Simple and effective asana, pranayama and meditations for reducing anxiety


What NOT to teach to avoid triggering or worsening anxiety in your classes

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Yoga and Anxiety Workshop

I’m Lauren.

I’m the founder over here at Mental Health Aware Yoga.

As a Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher, I’m passionate about the life changing effects of yoga, and love integrating the best of western and yogic psychology, both on and off the mat.

My work is soulful without being new-agey.  It’s evidence based, without being clinical.  It’s authentic, heartfelt and life changing.

I’m delighted that you’re here.

Dr Lauren Tober

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Yoga and Anxiety Workshop