When we’re stressed or anxious or have experienced trauma, we often clench our jaw, lift our shoulders and hold tension in our body.

Given the last few years of navigating the pandemic, and now trying to work out how to live with COVID still moving through our communities, it’s no wonder that many of us are still bracing ourselves.

Psychologist and Yoga Teacher, Sandra Palmer (she/her), joins Dr Lauren Tober (she/her) for this video episode to explore yielding; a simple but powerful antidote to this holding.

Sandra is a Registered Psychologist, Yoga Teacher and a certified iRest® teacher, as well as a Mental Health Aware Yoga graduate, guest teacher and mentor for the online Mental Health Aware Yoga training.

She was drawn to yoga by the calmness and clarity it provided her and is curious about the interface of yoga and psychology to support well-being. She is on a lifelong journey to lead a slower, less stressed, more embodied and mindful life fuelled by her practices.

Sandra will also be joining us for the next Mental Health and Yoga Summit, starting on the 29th of August 2022, talking more about how she brings yoga into her work as a Psychologist.

The Summit is for Yoga Teachers who are interested in mental health and Mental Health professionals who are interested in yoga, and we do hope you can join us.

Sign up to this free online five-day Summit at www.mentalhealthandyogasummit.com.



The 60 hour online Mental Health Aware Yoga training is now closed for registration.

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Hi, I'm Dr Lauren Tober!

As a Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher of nearly two decades, I'm passionate about integrating yoga and psychology on the mat, in the counselling room and in the world.

With the growing interest in mental health and yoga, yoga students are attending yoga classes for the mental health benefits in unprecedented numbers.

In fact, 79.4% of yoga students report practicing yoga for the mental health benefits.

It's important that Yoga Teachers know how to support them.

I'm glad you're here.

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